Coronary Stent

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According to world statistics, there are 9.4 million deaths each year caused by cardiovascular disease and 45% of these deaths are caused by coronary heart disease [1]. Stent installation is a much-chosen alternative because it does not require surgery, has a lower risk of complications, and faster installation and healing times than bypass, and is more effective at preventing restenosis [2]. Moreover, since it was first developed in the 1980s, there are more than 100 coronary stents that have been marketed and evaluated worldwide [3]. The total number of stent requests in 2012 in 3 major hospitals in Indonesia reaches 4000 stents [4], even according to Global coronary stents market is expected to reach USD 6.4 billion by 2024 from USD 5.3…show more content…
Coronary stent variation can be observed from four main aspects, namely the material type, form, fabrication process, and geometry shape [3]. Currently, there is a metal based stent that commercially available in various designs and materials. Improvement of the existing stent and finding alternative materials are very challenging, and these have attracted many researchers around the globe. In medical aspect, materials of stent have to be biocompatible [6], [7] and the stent was no cause restenosis and thrombosis [8]; while cardiologists want to install the stent easier and comfortable [9]. Since the stent has to pass through a complex passage artery before arriving at the blockage location. While for manufacturers, they need ease of manufacturability for a given design and material. Flexibility of the stent is a very important factor [10], because it is needed in the process of transporting the stent to the location of the blockage. The flexibility of the stent can be seen from the given bending moment values derived from the stent link design [11], [12], and also the thickness…show more content…
For 6 to 12 months there will be a process of remodeling in the blood vessels that make the arterial tissue to find new equilibrium point due to the installation of a stent [15], [16]. The presence of long-lasting permanent stents in the body can lead to lax stents, fractures, tissue inflammation, restenosis, and thrombosis [11]. Thus, biodegradable materials such as magnesium based alloys, pure iron, iron based alloys, and polymers are a promising alternative solution. Biodegradable metallic materials essentially have better mechanical strength compared to polymers, but polymers have a degradation time that is more suited to the time it takes the arteries to reach a new equilibrium point [15], [17],
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