Corporal Punishment: An Unnecessary Tool in Education Essays

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Corporal Punishment: An Unnecessary Tool in Education

An emergency room physician sees the welts and deep purple bruises of the thighs and buttocks of a twelve-year-old and does what he must do under the law: he reports a possible case of child abuse. The county social worker arrives and finds that the injuries did not occur at home but were the result of a spanking administered earlier in the day by a teacher who had used a wooden paddle. The boy had misbehaved in a gym class. The social worker told the boy’s father that if he had beaten his son, he would probably be in jail. The teachers abuse is protected by the law. (qtd in Wekesser 66) The use of corporal punishment in schools is legal in 23 states in America, and at
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in Finkelhor and Turner 155). Many people promote the use of corporal punishment in the classroom because they feel that the method of punishment is appropriate, effective, and legal. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of corporal punishment in school does not go against the eighth amendment in the constitution, which protects against cruel and unusual punishment (Evans and Richardson 34). However, other states and organizations have recognized the harmful effects of corporal punishment and have banned the use of corporal punishment in the classroom.

The product of violence from victims of corporal punishment is a highly influential factor that helps to explain why this method of punishment should be banned in any education system. Teachers who use corporal punishment in their classrooms are in fact teaching a powerful lesson. In other words, corporal punishment is giving students the wrong message. The lesson being taught is that problems can be solved with the use of violence. For example, David Benatar, philosophy professor at the University of Cape Town, acknowledges the lesson learned, that if the student encounters someone that he or she dislikes, it is all right to cause that person pain. Children are very observant and tend to learn from modeling. Therefore, the teacher who practices violence in the classroom to correct a problem is only
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