Corporal Punishment Is The Best Form Of Parenting

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Corporal Punishment Many parents argue whether or not corporal punishment is the best form of parenting. All around America, corporal punishment is and always has been accepted as the correct way to discipline children. More recently, the practice has been challenged, but despite much research, many Americans are still not convinced that there is a better way. Unlike drinking milk, smoking, and texting while driving, corporal punishment remains a silenced public health issue. Corporal punishment should be stopped in all American schools and homes. Not much is known about the history of treatment of children, but from what is known, it does not seem to reflect any of today’s values whatsoever. In ancient Sparta, infants that did not match the standards were often left to die in the wilderness. At the peak of childhood, seven-year-old male children were trained to be warriors and survivalists. Female children were also put through training, but instead of fighting, they were placed in a training program to be educated and kept strong. An annual ritual took place where boys’ endurance was tested by whipping them, which occasionally resulted in death. In the Middle Ages, children were regarded as smaller versions of adults and there was no belief in a childhood. Infants were commonly killed and punishments for older children were often cruel and terrible; although, the intention was to instill righteous behavior. By 18th century England, childhood was regarded as innocent, but…
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