Corporal Punishment Should Be Prohibited From Being Used On Anyone

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Corporal punishment is a form of punishment that should be prohibited from being used on anyone. This form of punishment most modern day parent would be horrified if they witnessed someone spanking their child. They will be already calling 911 stating, “Excuse me, but there needs to be a police sent out to Walmart there is parent that is abusing their child.” Which they are clearly right since spanking is a form of abuse. Now the old school parent, which is back when using a buggy whip to spank your child, was acceptable. They would say, “I used to get a whooping with a buggy whip for talking back to my mom and dad. Look at me I turned out just fine.” He would smile and you could still barely see the scars from the buggy whip lacing up around his neck. True that this form of punishment was acceptable at one point of time. However, it is not accepted any longer children has the right not to beaten or hurt in any type of form and in this paper you are going to find out just how bad using this form of punishment is. Corporal punishment has been around for a long time, and parent’s uses corporal punishment for several of different reasons. Corporal punishment is when parents use painful force on a child but does not leave wounds. . UNICEF, Awareness Campaign Against Corporal Punishment of Children in Families,,, (last visited April 28, 2015). Some parents use corporal

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