Corporal Punishment : The Latin Corpus Meaning Body

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Corporal is from the Latin corpus meaning body. Thus, corporal punishment involves physical punishment. In current times, we have usually used the word corporal punishment as it relates to punishment in a school setting often in the form of spankings or paddling a student who is found to have violated some rule. Historically, corporal punishment was used to punish people who were found to have committed various minor crimes. Throughout history there have been many ways devised to inflict pain or other physical harm, including death, on someone who was convicted of or believed to have committed anything from minor crimes to more serious crimes. These punishments include the gallows, stocks, pillories, ducking stools, branks, flogging,…show more content…
The operator then lowered the chair into the water causing the offender to be submerged under the water. The length of time an offender was submerged would depend on the severity of the crime they were accused of. (Alchin) The brank was a cage like device that would enclose the head of the offender. Some branks had protrusions on the inside of the cage that would be put in the wearer’s mouth. This protrusion would cause pain when the wearer tried to speak. The brank was often used as a punishment for gossiping. (Sierra.) Flogging is simply beating someone, usually across the back, with an object. The object could be a stick, strap or other whip. The Whipping Act of 1530 prescribed flogging in England for minor crimes such as stealing or poaching. (Abbott, 2010) Branding is using a hot iron to burn the skin of the offender to cause scarring. Branding was used as a punishment for any number of crimes. Often the brand would be done in the shape of a particular letter that would indicate the crime committed. So a thief might have the letter “T”, an adulterer the letter “A”, or blasphemers the letter “B”. (Seiter, 2014) The gibbet often took the form of a body length cage that an offender was put into. The cage was then hung in public. Sometimes a person was put into the cage alive where they ultimately died due to starvation. Other times the person was killed in another manner and then the body was put

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