Corporal Punishment in Children; Right or Wrong

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{text:bookmark-start} Corporal Punishment with Children: Right or Wrong {text:bookmark-end} ? How properly to discipline a child is an age old question. Countless numbers of parents have had to make this decision. Many of these parents were raised in homes that used spanking as the main form of discipline. Most people can readily recount each time he, or she received a spanking for an offense, and even remember what kind of instrument was used to inflict the punishment. Whether it was a belt, a switch, a hand, or a paddle, this form of punishment always left a lasting impression. For centuries spanking has been the main form of punishment used by parents to correct bad behavior in their children. Only recently has this age old standard…show more content…
If the parent then punishes the child with a spanking, nothing is accomplished. The child is not acting out just to make noise. He, or she, simply doesn’t understand the situation. Spanking must always be appropriate to the age of the child, and the seriousness of the bad behavior. In an interview with the pastors of National Park Assembly of God Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas, who are also the parents of three young children of their own, take a biblical approach to punishment. Both state that, “spanking should be a final solution, with strict guidelines. Spanking, when done with an attitude of encouragement, love and correction rather than anger causes no love lost between either the parent or the child, and does no harm to the child.” (personal communication, Nov. 23, 2008) Pastor Mason and his wife go on to state that the difference in the children of our society today, as compared to days past, are much worse due in part to the lack of proper punishment when children misbehave. In response to the question, “Do you think that if more parents used corporal punishment our children, and thusly, our communities would see a drop in bad behavior overall?” the pastor states, “haven’t we seen a rise in bad behavior since the removal and disapproval of corporal punishment? The same could be expected of the opposite action.” In their final comments, the pastors state that, “spanking should be used with particular care and appropriate to the behavior. When used
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