Corporate Accountability : Corporate Responsibility Essay

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Introduction In April 2015, Corporate Responsibility Magazine released their annual list of the most socially responsible companies in the United States. The top ten companies included Microsoft, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox Corp, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intel Corp, and the Campbell Soup Company (Corporate Responsibility Magazine, 2015). Corporate accountability was measured in seven categories: financial, employee relations, governance, human rights, environmental, climate change, and philanthropy (Adams, 2015). Microsoft topped the list because of transparency, accountability, and excellent employee relations while Hasbro came in second because of their environmental commitments to reduce landfill waste by 50% and gas emissions by 20% by the end of 2020 (Adams, 2015). Corporations rarely make the news due to social responsibility but often make the front page because of corruption, fraud, or general lack of concern for the public and the environment. Corporate Accountability International generates a list of the top corporate offenders of social responsibility that included Monsanto, SeaWorld, Walmart, and JP Morgan Chase (Troutman, 2015). Monsanto has been targeted due to their promotion, support and development of genetically modified corps and SeaWorld was recently exposed for their cruel treatment of orca whales at their parks (Troutman, 2015). Socially responsible values will differentiate companies from competitors that are primarily focused on profits and stock
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