Corporate America and Modern Society Essay

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Corporate America and Modern Society Large corporations affect most of society today, and these affects have split the U.S. workers into two factions. People are becoming frustrated over companies having huge lay-offs, firing thousands of employees, shutting down businesses, and moving to countries like Mexico to make a bigger profit. What happens to those people who have families to take care of? Where are they going to find money to pay for their children’s medical bills, education, food, and clothing? How are they going to tell their spouses that they now have to work two jobs to take care of costs for their family? Top executives of large corporations often earn millions of dollars a year in salaries, bonuses, and benefits while the…show more content…
Singles have a difficult time living off that salary, but if a person is trying to raise a family, life is almost impossible. After the food is bought, rent is paid, and the utility bills are paid, what money is left for schooling or clothes? Granted, a person can get welfare or go to Goodwill, but that is degrading. Everyone wants to believe they can support their family. People need to be making about 9 to 10 dollars an hour to at least pay for the cost of living. Most people who are making $5.15 an hour need to have at least two jobs to support their family. Working two jobs can put a lot of stress on a family because the parents don’t get to see their children as much as they would like to. Since 1994, welfare roles have dropped by more than 50 percent nationwide. More than half of these people—about 800,000—have moved into unsubsidized paid employment, yet the very success of welfare reform has brought another problem into stark relief: for many people, getting into work doesn't mean getting out of poverty. People who leave welfare typically find a job paying between $6 and $8 per hour, well below the income needed to bring their families above the poverty line (Kazis, Miller). Wealth and income is concentrating at the top of the industries in America creating an ever-increasing gap between the CEOs and the average worker. CEOs on average today are making about $550 to every $1 made by a regular worker with minimum wage.
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