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Christopher Head Corporate Entrepreneurship IMBA 20 17th December 2014 Corporate Entrepreneurship Audit Etsy Corporate Background Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, NY. The company currently employs between 251-500 employees with additional offices located in Hudson, San Francisco, and Berlin, Germany. The company focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies, unique factory-manufactured items, as well as art and craft supplies. The platform markets to both buyers and sellers. On the supply side, Etsy is a place for makers, crafters, and collectors who want to indulge a hobby or earn a living making things. On the demand side, Etsy is a brand that attracts buyers who want unique items made by…show more content…
Etsy’s strategy for achieving this reimagined world focuses on several key areas: • Grow the pie: through human-centered, peer-driven communities and innovative tech products, make it easier for people everywhere to buy and sell goods made by people. • Keep it real, always: make Etsy a place where buyers and sellers want to be by staying authentic to the fundamental values of craftsmanship and the maker culture. Build for the long-term. • Empower entrepreneurs: enable Etsy sellers to grow their businesses on Etsy. Overall, Etsy plans on increasing its market share overtime by providing a unique customer experience within the industry. Part of Etsy’s vision is to foster economic empowerment through the development of entrepreneurs all over the world. Etsy’s senior leadership keep that goal at the heart of the corporate strategy; sellers are their top priority. They build their strategy based on how they can help sellers grow their businesses. The company wishes to empower their members by helping them grow their small businesses. As the member’s company succeeds, so does Etsy as well. Pentagon Framework Etsy’s strategy is to create a disruptive peer-to-peer marketplace that stays user (seller) centric. By focusing on the sellers needs, Etsy is able to not only grow as a company, but also allow for small-time entrepreneurs to grow alongside them as well. Etsy also puts a major focus on their people by supporting an
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