Corporate And Business Strategy Analysis

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The Corporate and Business Strategy

Before we can talk about the Strategy Hudson Bay uses we must first answer the the question of what a Corporate and Business Strategy is and how The Bay inaugurates this into their company;

A Corporate Strategy in its simplest form is the the drive of the company as this has the goal/goals a company is trying to achieve and at what level it wishes to compete. Keeping this in mind we can now talk about the Hudson Bays corporate strategy. The Hudson Bay’s mission statement is ‘a vision for growth and is committed to bringing Canadians the products and services they want’. The Hudson Bay is the oldest commercial company in North America, and as such expects to be at the forefront competing at the highest level in its industry, In addition they have a goal to make $1.5 billion in incremental sales and revenue. Now that we have identified the corporate strategy of Hudson bay we must identify how they plan to achieve these goals this is known as the business strategy.

A business strategy is how a company intends to accomplish the corporate level strategy it does this by highlighting key objectives and appointing these objective to different divisions in the company, now that we understand what a business strategy is we can examine how Hudson bay inaugurates this into their business strategy. They prioritize accommodating the demands of Canadians and providing quality service to their customers. In addition, they put great importance on

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