Corporate Co Branding : The Case Of Adidas And The All Blacks

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3. Equity in corporate co-branding: The case of Adidas and the All Blacks

Judy Motion Shirley Leitch Roderick J. Brodie, (2003),"Equity in corporate co-brandingThe case of Adidas and the All Blacks", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 37 Iss 7/8 pp. 1080 - 1094
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Corporate brands may develop co-branding relationships in order to redefine brand identity. Brands are not only used to identify and differentiate products. Nowadays, brands identify services, organisations, art, ideas, people, places, etc. Corporate branding is the concept of the marketing efforts undergone to represent a corporation’s system of values; it is the expression of
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On the other hand, co-branding requires a joint partnership and mutual brand commitment. The opportunity to create a co-band appears when sponsorship changes from being a one-off exchange to becoming a long-term relationship between two or more organisations.

The moment that a brand adds value to the organisation through marketing actions and consequent consumer response, it is the creation of brand equity. The wider relationship of brand equity recognises the importance of the relationship between multiple stakeholders. It also recognises that branding is about creation and understanding between brands. Brand equity is an intangible asset that adds value to the organisation.

The article examines the co-branding of the All Blacks and Adidas in order to facilitate the understanding of co-branding and the development of co-branding theory. When organisations are seeking new co-branding relationships, they are attempting to create new ways of thinking about the brands individually and about the co-brand. To be able to identify this relationship, an interview was conducted between the All Black’s and Adidas’s brand representatives. Four main questions were asked to identify the co-branding issues.

What objectives underpinned the corporate co-brand?
One of the main reasons the All Blacks decided to change their co-brand partnership was to grow in international visibility. The choice
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