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Employee Communication (In-Depth Approach) By DeVille A. Brown, Sr.
As an asset manager for Canadian National (CN) Railway, we are classified as back office personnel. This means that any part of the railroad operation that does not require you to physically work on an asset to repair. These responsibilities include tracking costs, work repairs, repair times, age of an asset, movement of an asset, and others functions. A large portion of your work day revolves around fielding the same questions from numerous CN shop personnel and departments such as finance, supply management, and transportation. There were numerous communication gaps and the Chief Mechanical Office tasked the back office and me with developing …show more content…

To do this, we documented these questions and reviewed them as a team. I began to notice that the majority of these questions that were being asked could be easily answered and found in a number of CN databases that contained the program information. All the departments had access to these databases. However, the problem was that these departments did not understand how to navigate the system or they found it easier to have someone else do their work for them to obtain the answers to their questions. As my mentor/trainer always told me when I asked him a question, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” The how-to tutorials would be our way of teaching the departments how to fish and find the answers themselves.
The next step, work with CN Railway’s Information Technology (IT) Department to create a SharePoint where we can store all the tutorials. As previously stated, the asset team is busy with daily work functions, so the last thing that we need is an internal communications system that is bothersome and full of friction. It was important working with IT that our team uses the best software program for internally communicating with other departments. It was imperative that the program is simple and easy to use and ensure that the departments would simplicity and ease of use would participate and actually enjoy using and accessing the tutorials on the SharePoint

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