Corporate Control of the Media and Politics

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I read an article written by Andrew Romano, for News Week, discussing in detail the ignorance of the American public in political affairs. This article was largely inspired by a poll News Week conducted on the public, testing them with standardized questions given in the citizenship exam. After reading that a large amount of Americans failed to pass this exam I decided to take it myself. Once I completed the exam, which I failed miserably, I remembered a comment Romano made in his article about the populace being uneducated or non-English speaking immigrants. Being a college student this comment is kind of hard to swallow especially after doing so badly on the exam myself. I would not consider myself to be a genius but I am educated …show more content…
This is why a large majority of Americans are so intrigued with celebrity news. If the industry would cover political views with the tenacity they cover other news events then, I believe, political news and economical decisions would be much more understood.

Is this form of news beneficial to the industry? No, as long as the public is uninformed on political information it allows the industry to leverage the publics decision leaning them toward a vote or decision beneficial to the industry. Think of it like this, if there was a proposition in act that would help with the deficit or boost the economy but put a slight strain on the top 10 percent of the earnings bracket in the United States, what side of the issue would be most covered? The side pertaining to the investors and owners of these media institutions would be the most covered. The majority of the information presented on the subject would be against the proposition. With the largest percentage being against the decision many Americans are going to base their decision on the information they have.

As people complain about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They make valuable decisions that affect just that with every vote they make to elect an official or pass a proposition. Most are oblivious to this because they have been under a certain understanding that this proposition or person will make changes. What they don’t know are those changes do not

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