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Brenda Franklin had been serving Allied Tech for the past 8 years. As any other organisations, Brenda used to be a part of the lunch hour conversations with her colleagues. One day when her colleagues were discussing about corruption and politics, something occurred to her. As a result she prepared a list called “Ethically Dubious Conduct” and pasted it on the common notice board. Her colleagues were taken by surprise. Brenda was now anticipating the next lunch where she was expecting her list to be analysed among her colleagues.

2.0 Review each item on Brenda’s list and assess the conduct in question. Do you find it morally acceptable, morally unacceptable or somewhere in between? Explain.
The following items on Brenda’s list may be
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According to the consequentialist theory (Cummiskey, 1989), if the activities of the employees do not interrupt the business of the organisations then the activities can be morally acceptable. 3.0 Examine Brenda’s list from both the Utilitarianism and the Kantian perspectives. What arguments can be given for and against the conduct on her list? Is the rightness or wrongness of some items a matter of degree? Can an action (such as taking a pad of paper) be both trivial and wrong?

Utilitarianism (Riley, 2010) is the belief that an action can be judged to be right only when it produces happiness to the majority of the population. So long as the particular activity of the employee is not causing any harm to the organisation and also making the employee contented in due course, the acts can be considered to be morally acceptable on the basis of the utilitarian principles. So actions like using the office telephone, office postage, using the office transport, making unnecessary expenses on office trips, taking afternoon off on business outings can be supported on the basis of utilitarian principles.
Kantian ethics believes that rightness of an action does not depend on the consequences but on whether they fulfil the duties. So as long as the employees fulfil their duties and do not harm the organisation in any way, the activities can be supported.
Rightness is not a matter of degree but acceptability is. A particular action can either be right or wrong.

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