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Corporate Culture Utilising the video case study of ‘Egg Finance’ (Slave Nation, Channel 4), critically examine the extent to which corporate culture is used as an effective tool for the achievement of organizational goals. Corporate Culture is widely used in many organisations and has a variety of definitions. It has been defined by Koozes, Caldwell & Posner cited by Moorhead/Griffin, (1989:494) as: “a set of shared, enduring beliefs communicated through a variety of symbolic media, creating meaning in people’s work lives.” The argument to be taken in this essay will identify the usefulness and necessity for corporate culture to gain organizational success. In order to do this the argument will be utilized by supporting the…show more content…
Employees will feel that this is their only life, and will feel inclined to remain loyal to the company. This has clearly worked, as all employees at Egg seem extremely happy and proud to work for Egg Finance. Through the use of management psychology and techniques, Egg Finance have developed hardworking and loyal employees. The management of Egg realise that this is something that had to be worked at, and that it would not happen automatically. This coincides with the view of Carol Ray (1994:2), as she mentions, “The effects of culture should not be left to chance.” She adds, “Proper implementation then leads to internalization of desired values and norms.” This shows that in order for corporate culture to be an effective tool for organisational success, it will need to be implemented correctly. Employees must not feel that they are being used or abused. If corporate culture is implemented correctly, then employees should feel that their firms’ status affects them as well as the organisation. Athos & Pascale, (1982), cited by Ray (1994:2), share the same opinion as this, as they have stated: If management meets this challenge, employees identify more completely with the firm and see their own interest as congruent with it.” This has been clearly demonstrated in Egg Finance. Employees working at Egg

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