Corporate Culture : Improving The Workplace

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Maggie Hartig 300W Spring 2013 Corporate Culture Paper Positive Psychology: Improving the Workplace Increasing productivity and sparking motivation in employees, are challenges that managers, businesses, and organizations have struggled with for centuries. While there are many beliefs about which method(s) yield the best results, and what is considered to be the desired result, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ management technique still does not exist. The current movement in psychology, called Positive Psychology, focuses on what is “right” in an individual, and not on their faults. This basic concept is starting to extend its influences into the workplace, making it seem that Positive Psychology may become the key ingredient corporate culture, and all places of employment alike, have needed to promote success and satisfaction in their lines of work. In today’s business world, it seems that the major pitfall is in employees’ lack of motivation and engagement in their positions. This results in decreased productivity and satisfaction, and overall diminished views of the establishment. The relationships between employers and employees also suffer from poor morale in the workplace. According to an article by Chris Musselwhite, Creating a Culture of Motivation, the first place to start in correcting this problem, is to educate managers on the benefits of an empowered workforce, and how to effectively inspire them. “When you get your managers to assume more responsibility for
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