Corporate Culture Of Apple

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Corporate Culture as the Main Source of the Profit

As the culture is the basics of every country on which it holds. The corporate culture is the basics of the entire firm on which holds all the sales and success. A corporate culture is the inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm. This two words have enormously powerful influence on how employees think and act. It determines public perception of the product. And eventually, has a strong influence on performance over time. Creating a corporate culture for a startup project is unbelievably hazardous process. That is why it is always useful to separate the idea on ingredients.

Corporate Culture Indicators
The main part of corporate culture is physical setting (for instance building
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These characteristics of human resources empower Apple to stand out and stay ahead of competitors. These features of the company’s organizational culture are key factors that enable success and competitive advantage. Creativity and excellence are especially important in Apple’s rapid innovation processes.

Drawbacks and Weaknesses

Apple’s organizational culture brings challenges because of the emphasis on secrecy and the moderate degree of combativeness. An atmosphere of secrecy limits rapport among workers. Also, the moderate combativeness that still exists in the firm today has the disadvantage of limiting the morale of some employees. These issues indicate that Apple’s organizational culture has room for major improvements to strengthen the firm’s human resource capabilities.

Google Organizational Structure

Google’s organizational culture is:
 Open
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