Corporate Culture Southwest Airlines

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Discuss the corporate culture at Southwest Airlines and how it leverages its culture to achieve a competitive advantage. The corporate culture at Southwest Airlines can be defined within three areas including, core value, management style, and compensation. Southwest Airlines organization structure incorporated several areas but I was impressed with these three the most. Southwest Airlines had two core values, which emphasized on LUV and fun. Not only was LUV the company’s signature symbol or recruiting theme, but eventually this core value grew into Southwest’s core word for treating individuals, including customers and employees. Both customer and employees were expected to be treated with respect and dignity. This would soon be…show more content…
Trustworthiness is seen amongst Southwest Airlines because it have as open door policy, which encourages employees to brings any issues or concerns to the supervisors or managers at anytime. By allowing employees to feel openly comfortable in discussing issues or concerns creates an area of trust within this organization between upper management and their staff members.. Southwest employees feel as if they are not only associates to the organization but also an asset. Southwest Airlines no-layoff policy shows that the company is loyal to their employees. Southwest Airlines has never laid off employees since the company began its operations. “ The no-layoff policy was seen as integral to how the company treated its employees and to the management efforts to sustain and nurture the culture” (Thompson, A.A., Strickland, A.J., & Gamble, J.E, 2010). Southwest has built up a good relationship with there employees and unions by avoiding layoffs within its organizations, compared to other airlines company’s that has had to lay off employees due to a decrease in revenue amongst the airline industry. These characteristics play a very important role in the companies performance, because employees exhibit performance based on the relationship that they have within the organization of which they are employed. By Southwest being trustworthy and loyal to their employees, in turn their employees will return
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