Corporate Culture as Competitive Advantage

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‘Corporate Culture as a Competitive Advantage’

A closer look at different types of corporate cultures and how they affect the global market place.

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Table of Contents Abstract
In This paper I have looked at what a competitive advantage is and why a strong corporate culture can be seen as a strategic competitive advantage. The Corporate culture theories developed by Hofstede, Deal and Kennedy and Handy have been listed
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It is also important that new employees that are hired are cultural fits. Over the years different theories relating to corporate cultures have been developed in order to match a specific type of culture with a particular type of workforce.

How does corporate culture influence the operations of a business?
Corporate culture has a big influence on the day to day operation of a business. First of all the Corporate culture of an organization will influence the objectives of a company. It will also have an effect on how the recruitment and hiring processes are carried out. It often also determines how employees communicate not only with each other, but also with their superiors. Due to this it has an effect on the overall company atmosphere and working environment. It also has strong bearing on how the evaluation appraisal and appraisal systems administered. Naturally the corporate culture of a business can also affect the way they are in the external environment, for example how they deal with their suppliers, their stance toward the current political situations, their attitude towards their competitors, and how they do business in general.
Types of corporate cultures
There are various theories and methods to classify and differentiate different organizational theories and practices. Naturally there is no single ‘correct’ culture. Which culture is most suitable for a specific company depends among other factors,
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