Corporate Culture at Microsoft and Apple

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Corporate culture at Microsoft and Apple Differences between the corporate culture of Microsoft and Apple Microsoft has a competitive work environment which does not promote teamwork. The corporate culture at Microsoft and its competitiveness makes it hard for many employees to keep up ADDIN EN.CITE Klein200530(Klein, Schmeling, & Blanck, 2005)303017Klein, DavidSchmeling, JamesBlanck, PeterEmerging technologies and corporate culture at Microsoft: a methodological noteBehavioral Sciences & the LawBehavioral Sciences & the Law65-96231CORPORATE cultureCORPORATIONS -- Sociological aspectsCORPORATE imageCORPORATIONSSOCIAL responsibility of businessBUSINESS enterprises2005John Wiley & Sons, Inc.0735393616124216Article HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Klein, 2005 #30" Klein, Schmeling, & Blanck, 2005). Microsoft's culture promotes creative thinking and innovation, but innovations from employees are rarely taken up as management has to measure their impact. This has stifled the innovative culture that Microsoft used to have and has led to less innovation from its employees. The competitive work environment at Microsoft has demotivated many employees, which has led employees to resign or they are only interested in punching in the clock. Apple's corporate culture encourages team work and sharing of ideas with colleagues. Apple employees work
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