Corporate Culture at Starbucks

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At its most basic, corporate culture is the personality of an organization or simply how things are done around there. However, in a broader sense it refers to 'the moral, social and behavioral norms of an organization based on the beliefs, attitudes and priorities of its members.' It determines how employees think, act and feel. Every organization has a different concept about the kind of culture that it should have, therefore cultures across organizations may differ despite of having certain common elements1. However common to all organizations is the essential need of fostering a sense of family so that employees do not feel that their work is isolated from other parts of their lives. In fact the culture of an organization should be…show more content…
It is amazing to see the way Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks schedules his day. Starting off at 6 a.m., he believes in doing his emails himself and responds to almost 75% of the emails he receives daily. Schultz is known for carrying a black binder with him everywhere he goes, which he uses to write down what people tell him so he can use actual facts when it comes to giving reviews or solving issues. In one day, on average, Schultz leaves a 100 voicemail messages, writes 25 personal thank you notes and signs 500 birthday cards. He believes it is very important for him to connect to his employees and to make them feel connected and close to him. This attitude reduces communication barriers and thus eliminates a lot of problems. Schultz ideally likes to dedicate 20 to 25% of his time to his employees during which visiting stores is his favorite activity since according to him if you really want to know what's wrong with the business you should ask the frontline. Such visits also help him make and maintain a personal connection with all of the frontline employees and show them that the organization actually cares about what happens even at the smallest level. Schultz tries new coffee flavors and listens to his employees complain spending time with them like any normal employee striving to make Starbucks a better place11. The fact that Starbucks manages to keep such a huge organization connected like a small community helps make employees feel warm and loved as
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