Corporate Deviance And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Generally, organizations are concerned with giving back to the society in order to appreciate the contributions of the host community to their growth, sustainability and survival according to Oko & Agbonifoh (2014). Using this as the basis of their operations, corporate alertness is increasingly being given to corporate social responsibility philosophies. Most business organization thus work on the idea of maximizing the positive effects of their operation on the society as the negative impacts of these operation are minimized - Farrell and Fraedrich (1997). This is the thrust of corporate social responsibility as considered an obligation among businesses in the advanced societies of the globe.
Oko & Agbonifoh (2014) further posited that businesses come to play for the purpose of meeting the desire of shareholders. Thus, Friedman (1970) argues that the major social responsibility of business is to use its resource to engage in activities designed to maximize its profits so far it stays within the ambit of the game, without deceit or fraud. Unfortunately, most laws formed due to public outcries have poised danger to profit maximization, thus the wellness of shareholders. Most of these sayings relate to the obligations business organizations have to those whose physical energy and activities can have effect on the achievement of corporate aims as stakeholders as well as members of the public in respect to the conservation of ecological environment and the public safety. Hence,…
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