Corporate Espionage

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“The growing corporate espionage activities due to intense competition lead to highly controlling security measures and intensive employee monitoring which bring about distrust in the workplace”

Part I .What I already know The reason I chose this topic is due to the fact that a class called human resources management which by the way is my major, once we discussed the topic of ethics the professor covered corporate espionage and determined it as a federal crime. Professor Valdivieso felt very passionately about this topic because his thesis was based on this area. He is a professional who I admire very much, and I was looking forward to developing a research paper on this topic. Day by day the news portrays crimes like assault,
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She also compares case studies which basically portray the fact that empowering your employees and having a clear framework of values in the company, makes them feel important and needed and can contribute as a countermeasure to control corporate espionage.
Some action that can be taken according to the book depends on the threat you’re facing and believe it or not the difference between regular spies and corporate spies is very small so the same so the means to control it are alike.
There are four countermeasures that are commonly used by industrial spies: technical, operational, physical and personnel security, these will later on be discussed in depth due to the harm that can be caused to a company by a lack of security not only financially speaking but also the workplace environment distrust that can only be corrected by reorganizing employees. This will represent time and money wasted.
Clearly Dr. Marjorie Chang believe corporate espionage is everywhere today and should be considered as a potential threat especially in big corporation when the competition rises daily and technological access is just a click away. The question is how do we draw the line between excessive monitoring and preventative actions to diminish distrust? In my next source one of my concerns form part II is met, showing the most vulnerable parts in a company
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