Corporate Espionage

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Corporate espionage, also called industrial or economic espionage, encompasses a wide range of different activities that involve the illegal acquisition of trade secrets or other corporate information that can be used for financial gain by some other party. The most common forms will covertly uncover information about designs, methods, formulas, manufacturing processes, research, or future plans. Such information can be acquired by disloyal employees, students, private firms, online, or through many other such activities.
There is also a fine line between legally acquiring information and doing so in an illegal fashion and the rules that govern such questions vary significantly by location. The difference between competitive intelligence and corporate espionage would seem obvious: one is legally getting the information you need to run your business competitively; the other is creeping around and raking through your competitor's garbage; but it turns out that neither competitive intelligence nor the ethics surrounding the topic are taught much at business schools, according to academics familiar with the topic (Smith, 2012). Therefore many professionals may be crossing the line without even recognizing the…

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