Corporate Ethical Issues and Ensuing Influence-Case Study of Murdoch's Phone Hacking Scandal

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Corporate Ethical Issues and Ensuing influence-Case study of Murdoch's phone hacking scandal
1. Research Background
The business ethics refers to the ethics of enterprise operation. Not only for the enterprises, all organizations related to business are supposed to have ethical issues. As long as the groups of people are having business activities,there are always exist ethical issues in essence(Drucker,1981,pp66). A moral enterprise should pay attention to the human nature,avoid conflict and friction with the society,actively take the behavior beneficial to society. The concept of business ethics is emerged in the United States in the 70s, Japanese have also started the research on enterprise ethics issues in recent years. Some people
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There are three research questions the researcher wants to analyze during this thesis:
· What is the definition for business ethics?

· What are the impacts of business ethics on consumer awareness?

· How the business ethics issues effect consumer purchasing behaviour?

2. The Significance of this Paper
Business ethics from the analysis of business nature and prophase of business activities, provided people the ethical business conduct code of judging if the business activities accord with moral criterion. The enterprise ethics is the conduct code sum total of dealing the relationship between enterprise internal employees, enterprise and society as well as the enterprise and the customers(Clark,2003,pp36).The current enterprise in order to pursue the economic profit ignored its social member identity and social benefit goal.Meanwhile,because they are excessively pursuing profit, many enterprises produced some immoral marketing activities, such as fake mimicking phenomena, price discrimination, false price, false propaganda and the phenomenon such as environmental pollution,etc. These immoral behavior not only harm the legitimate

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