Corporate Ethics

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Ethics, Management, and the Corporation’s Reputation Kristi Sims SGT, Inc Turnitin Originality Score: 8% Ethics and ethical standards are very important to an organization’s way of life. If something goes wrong and its standards are broken, it can be very detrimental to the company’s reputation among investors, customers, employees, and competitors. It is the duties of management to make sure an organization’s ethical standards are being met and that the reputation of the organization is preserved. The case, “The CEO’s Private Investigation” by Joseph Finder, is a fictional look at a new CEO coming into a company and realizing that rumors she heard at her previous employer…show more content…
These are behaviors Cheryl would need to keep in mind when deciding to proceed in her investigation into Hammond. It is obvious that if the Hammond sales team was not following the ethical standards of the company and it was leaked to the public, it could severely damage the Hammond name and lose customers. Also, if Cheryl investigated and did find the rumors to be true, she could be seen as a new era in the company, meaning she is the new CEO and is trying to clean-up the process of gaining sales to be a true competitor in the market. If this causes some damage to Hammond’s reputation, it may be short-term since Cheryl is new and could revise the company’s ethical standards and promote Hammond as a new and improved company. How do companies get to a point where an investigation is needed and employees are found to be unethical? Most, if not all, companies have ethical standards in place to try and defer something like this from happening, but as we can see from the case and in life, this is not always what happens. Weaver and Trevino (1999) examine the relationship between ethics orientation programs, compliance, and the outcome on employees and the company in “Compliance and Values Oriented Ethics Programs: Influences on Employees Attitudes and Behavior.” Ethics codes and
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