Corporate Ethics and the Employee

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Corporate Ethics and the Employee Introduction The WorldCom case presents two different responses to WorldCom's financial difficulties. Betty Vinson acted unethically and illegally, was caught and was punished for it. Cynthia Cooper acted ethically and legally, was recognized and lauded for it. While their ethical positions might initially seem simple, the reality is complex. Likenesses of Betty Vinson and Cynthia Cooper On the face of this situation, there are many likenesses between Vinson and Cooper. Both were the primary breadwinners for their families. Both were born and raised in Mississippi. Both were apparently somewhat religious, as Vinson taught Sunday School and Cooper used the 23rd Psalm to comfort herself. Both were accountants. Both had subordinates working for them. Both were hardworking, diligent and loyal. Both of their husbands essentially supported their wives in doing the right thing: Vinson's husband wanted her to quit; Cooper's husband supported her in her decision to keep digging for the financial discrepancies. Both lost weight and were otherwise physically and mentally burdened by the situation. Without delving into the differences between these two women and their positions in WorldCom, it would simply seem that Vinson is a "rotten apple" while Cooper is a paragon of virtue. Contrasts between Betty Vinson and Cynthia Cooper and Reconciliation of their Behaviors A review of the differences between Vinson and Cooper, both in their
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