Corporate Excellence

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Part A Leadership Definition of excellence
Corporate excellence is often described as the outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts and values. The essence is to be better and have a competitive advantage over others in the industry. In such doing an organization needs to have a clear vision of what they are aiming at.
Excellence has to deal with a lot of skills such as leadership, organizational, communication, motivational interpersonal, etc. Creativity and innovation also has an important role to play and knowledge and competencies are also key.
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Being aware of this fact, I always make sure I consult someone before taking a major decision and gradually learning from them in order to prepare for future situations. Also I enrolled into programs which help in the boosting of self –confidence and decision making techniques and development. This will go a long way to provide a smooth platform for decision making and contribute to the leadership style and to excellence in my endeavors.

Definition of creativity
Creativity is simply the ability to resolve problems in the best way possible. It can also be seen as generating new ideas by combining, changing or reapplying existing ideas. Therefore someone he said to be creative if he has this ability of bring new ideas which best fit into a situation in order to provide a solution. Another way of saying that someone is creative is through his aptitude to organize something with limited resources or unlock a serious problem in a short period of time.
We can also recognize a creative person by his ability to read the times and seasons and bring out inventions and innovations that are needed for that time or the future.
Most at times people come out with outstanding ideas which can contribute to the better of the community, society, government and the world as a whole. But due to one reason or the other, those ideas don’t see the light. They remain in their embryonic stage.
Creativity suppressed or encouraged by social, psychological, political and
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