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Corporate finance When investors prefer low dividend payout and what is the relation between dividend payout and cash flow (what will increase and what will decrease when using low dividend payment?) Dividend payout ratio refers to the amount of earnings of a particular company that seeks to issue out to its investors in the form of cash dividends. Dividends payouts may vary depending on the industry and a low dividend payout may signify a good thing or a bad thing. Investors who may opt for a low dividend payout may mean that they are willing to allow the company plough back its annual earnings for the purpose of capital growth of the company they have invested in as well as capital gains incur lower tax rates. It may show that the investors are willing to forgo part of their dividends to generate greater returns which lead to higher stock market prices (Sedzro 2010). On the bad side, it may mean that the company does not have enough capital to pay dividends to its investors. The relationship between dividend payout and cash flow is that a company that pays higher dividends may seem to be having a greater cash flow to meet its daily operational needs but a company paying low dividend payout may seem to be having a low cash flow hence, the company needs to retain the dividends for operational needs. This therefore, translates to an increase in cash flow and a decrease in dividend payout when using low dividend payout (Sedzro 2010). What is the relationship between

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