Corporate Finance Practices in Frontier Markets and Malawi's Economic Development

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Introduction to the literature review chapter The literature review chapter is designed to provide relevant input from the specialized literature on the topic of corporate frontier markets, with emphasis on four specific elements, namely the capital budgeting practices, the cost capital, the capital structure and the dividend policy. The current section is constructed with in depth research into the available sources, including all books and textbooks, specialized journals and internet articles. Each of these three sources has its own limitations and strengths. Internet articles for instance are of increased actuality, yet they are not all entirely reliable. The articles in the specialized journals are more elaborate, yet they address niche topics. Last, the books address the topics in depth, but they can sometimes integrated outdated information. In order to maximize the advantages of these three categories of sources, the current project would be using them in a combined manner.
2. Frontier markets The first step in assessing the corporate financial practices among frontier markets is that of clearly understanding the concept of the frontier market. This is important since most studies of corporate practices have focused on more developed regions, yet the frontier states raise more and more interest. The frontier market is thus…
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