Corporate Finance Programs

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Corporate Finance Programs
In a company's operational activities, it is essential induce financial management in its organizational structure. All business operations center on the use of finances to incur profits that benefit the company employees, shareholders and their nation's economic society. This context digs into the conduction of both managerial and corporate finance. The executive finance deals with managerial implication on financial techniques used alongside pecuniary decisions made by the company besides other financial tools and analytical procedures through corporate finance. Among the techniques used are corporate valuation, value-based management, corporate governance and EPOS (Employees Stock Ownership) plans.
Corporate Valuation
This is the evaluation of firm value strategies by forecasting on past financial statements; presenting values of cash flow stream strategies and choosing value maxima based on the appropriate strategic plan. A firm's stock is valued through different methods such as through the discounted dividend model.
Corporate valuation is channeled alongside the corporate valuation model. It is a substitute to stock valuation. The model points out company's main operational and non-operational assets as well as the total worth of firm value and growth (Ehrhardt and Brigham, 2008, pg 659). It is usually an alternative to discounted dividend models in determining firm value of companies with no history in dividend and its
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