Corporate Firm 's Officer 's Responsibility

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Moreover, the percentage of family members on the board means, that the agency theory argues diffused ownership environment, firms will disclose more information to reduce agency costs and information irregularity. According to this hypothesis testing, non-executive directors and the existence of an audit committee representation have been more dominant in the Hong Kong companies. Over the period of this research that the writers have collected and serves more than 610 top personalities in the listed firms in the Hong Kong. On top of that, the writers further sent off additional questionaries 535 to the financial analysis in the top financial and brokerage firms in the Hong Kong. The main objective is testing and reliability of perception…show more content…
Throughout the research, the writing reconciled small portion of the sample review. As a suggestion, researchers could expand independent audit companies through the reliability of organisation corporate governance outlook. Moreover, an independent auditor can assess dependent and independent variable assessment, weakness and future predications more descriptive method. Also, that the extent of voluntary disclosure did measured by using an importance adjusted relative disclosure index. For this purpose, researched used previous empirical data and compare with present applications. This means voluntary disclosure checklist prepared by top audit firm in the Hong Kong and used 35 sample questionaries to use for this purpose. However, throughout the disclosure review researchers have identified marginal positive response against voluntary disclosure. Validity Validity refers to the degree to which a study correctly reflects or assesses the specific concept that the writers are attempting to measure. The construct is the concept, notion, question or hypotheses that determine which data is to be gathered. Mostly, validity is concerned with the study’s success in measuring what the researchers set out to measure. In this article, the writers have been selected external data through company’s annual
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