Corporate Fraud Is A Big Part Of The Fraud

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Skimming, Cash Larceny, Check Tampering, Billing Schemes, Payroll schemes, and overstatement of inventory are all forms of fraud. There are a vast amount of fraud types out in the world today that some of us may not have even realized yet. With the immense amount of fraud that is occurring, how could so many people get away with committing it? The answer is there is too much fraud occurring for anyone to look into the smaller fraudulent acts. There are specifically two types of frauds that occur that focus a lot on the business aspect, Corporate and small business fraud. Small business fraud tends to appear more often than corporate fraud but that still doesn’t hide the issue of corporate fraud being a big part of the fraud domain. Corporate fraud is a little less complex compared to small business fraud.
Corporate fraud is the undertaking of activities by an individual or company that are designed to be dishonest and illegal. Not only does fraud exists within a small business but also corporate fraud goes beyond the employee’s stated position and usually is marked by the complexity and impact on the business. This seems to be a lot like small business fraud and well fraud in general. That is because fraud is fraud no matter what category it is put in. Fraud continues to occur everyday, in small and large businesses. The types of fraud however can be the same but on a much larger scale when dealing with corporate fraud. Some of the major types of corporate fraud that tend
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