Corporate Fraud: Prevention Techniques and Metrics

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Corporate Fraud The author of this report is asked to present a report that covers a real corporate fraud and how to help prevent it through techniques and metrics. The author is asked to present five major answers. The first answer is to how to implement the investigation and thus help fetter out who is the culprit and how deep and wide the fraud goes. The second question asks the author to detail what types of surveillance and review will be undertaken including techniques that are covert and unknown to the people being watched up to and including the highest executives of the firm. Red flags that would arise suspicions are to be identified as well as key practices to be used interviews with people with potential knowledge or even involvement in such crimes. In conclusion, a fraud prevention plan will be articulated. Questions Answered A company that is clearly usable as an example for this report was the Enron debacle. As for the first question, an investigation Enron without the executives' knowledge would involve reviewing things like emails, financial records (including what's there and what's "not" there) as well as other information that could lead to a culprit. This would be exceedingly hard to pull if well in a firm where the highest executives and many of the employees are in on the scandal, but it is something that could be pulled off for someone that was high enough up the chain and had the proper access or could get the proper access. As for the types

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