Corporate Funds And Equity Holdings Of A Company Essay

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There has been a number of studies done on the Mutual funds and Equity holdings of a company but very little research has been done on the mutual funds using Active Share method. The research focusses on the KiwiSaver funds which is the superannuation scheme provided by private service providers but put into use by the government of New Zealand. The paper studies the returns of the KiwiSaver funds from the time period of 2010 till the recent update of 2015. It will be done against the benchmark indices of the equity holdings in the respective KiwiSaver funds to understand the most profitable schemes out of the different schemes available in the market. There has been a previous study done on a similar scale on the mutual funds of the US market and their performance against the benchmark indices. The paper uses Active share and tracking error to study the all-equity mutual funds and on the basis uses Active management for its research (Petajisto, 2013). Research Question The research question for this paper is to understand the change in the performance of a KiwiSaver’s fund’s holding against its benchmark indices. This paper is being done for those investors who want to know the performance of KiwiSaver funds over the years and showing the most profitable schemes to be able to invest into. This research is important to understand those funds who outperform their benchmark indices by having high Active Share measure thereby giving strong performance resistance. Since the

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