Corporate Govenance- Business Strategy

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Corporate Governance
Review at least one article in the University’s online library dealing with corporate governance. Determine the relationship of the firm’s governance and the firm’s strategic plan. How does governance manage the plan, inform the plan, amend the plan, and/or direct future action of the firm using the plan. Support your position with other peer-reviewed articles from the Ashford University Library. Submit your findings in a three to four page APA style paper.

Toyota Motor Corp. is a company that produces vehicles. Their logo is “filled with possibilities”. It is a cleaver logo because it is a picture of a gas tank set on full. The “F” for full, is used in the logo to start the word Filled. Toyota has
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The relationship between Toyota’s corporate governance and their strategic plan is that they are trying to fix problems before they arise. If they follow the laws and keep customers safe, they will make more money.

Toyota Motor Corp. is a company that produces vehicles and possibilities. Toyota was a trusted company till a defect in the gas petals was detected. This led to some massive recalls. In this paper I evaluated Toyota’s corporate governance and the relationship to the firm’s strategic plan.

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