Corporate Governance And Corporate Management

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Corporate governance is the relationship of large quantity participants of the corporations. Those participants usually occupy the important positions,which determine the performance and strategy of the corporations. The participants include shareholders and stakeholders, the company’s management that led by CEO, and the board (Robert and Nell, 2001). This definition showed different perspectives of corporate governance. First, corporate governance almost concentrate on the top management of the companies, although sometimes it may concern further down to the subsidiary management or the corporate insurance of the company. Second, it showed the responsibilities of each position, and showed each position responsibility for what. Third, corporate governance justify the benchmark about holding someone accountable and corporate governance also describes the process of how a corporation identifying the benchmark (Steger and Amann, 2008).
Corporate governance provides a way to make the essential human satisfied. It’s a way to searches for implementation, safety, and success. It’s a way to search for creative performance. It’s a way to search for competitive spirit. The structure of corporate governance combine together all the values contributed by different positions and create the value is greater than the summary of the value of different parts. Anyway, corporate governance creates a structure to combine the funds and wisdom and create many of opportunities for…
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