Corporate Governance Council Principles And Recommendations

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The Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations is a list of commendations and principles for companies in the ASX. It is a guide to achieve good governance in order to meet reasonable investor’s expectations. The Third Edition is set to commence in July 1st, 2014. These principles and guidelines are not compulsory and depend on circumstances. However, they are linked to certain applicable and compulsory Laws. In this report, a newly listed public company: Employ Online Ltd. shall be examined in relation to the Principles and Recommendations, especially in relation to the area of gender equity and diversity on the listed company boards. This is to see whether the company meets the requirement of these principles. In addition, countries that have compulsory laws, requiring woman to be on board shall also be investigated.
There are essentially eight fundamental Corporate Governance Council principles and recommendations.
Principle 1 provides solid fundamentals for management and exclusion. An ASX company should create and release the corresponding roles and responsibilities of its board and management. These should be linked to how their performance is checked and appraised;
Corporate governance introduces structure where accountability and control of corporations are put in place. It is concerned with how corporate entities are governed as distinct from the way the company is managed. There is both self and legal regulation in the guideline of corporate…
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