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Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Evolution of Corporate Governance in United States 4
A Case Study - Tesco PLC Company 5
Agency Theory 7
Stakeholder Theory 8
Corporate Governance issues in Tesco Company 8
Conclusion 9
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Corporate governance is an essential part of every organisation and is defined as a set of rules, techniques and practices by which a company is coordinated and controlled according to aims and goals of the Organisation. Corporate governance basically includes adjusting the interests of the numerous partners in an organization - these incorporate its shareholders, administration, clients, suppliers, agents, government and the group. Proper management of corporate governance in an
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There are sure matters which are regarded sufficiently critical to be held for just the Board's choice. These are situated out in a calendar of Matters Held to the Board. Members of Board Committee in Tesco PLC include: Chairman, Chief Executive, Non – Executive and Senior Independent Directors and Organisation Secretary. (Tesco plc, 2015)
Board Committee in Tesco PLC Company is formed in such a way that it looks diverse and experienced members are included. Richard Broadbent, Non – Executive Chairman of Tesco PLC says that Overseeing and developing the Board is a persistent methodology and they try to accomplish a compelling adjust over the long haul of important aptitudes, experience, individual qualities and assorted qualities. Tesco PLC’s need is to encourage trust and appreciation among all Executives supporting them to bring their specific aptitudes and experience together for the profit of the organization. Figure 1 shows Tesco PLC’s Board Committee qualities or characteristics. (Tesco PLC Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014: Board of Directors, 2014)

Figure 1 Tesco PLC’s Board Committee qualities
Corporate Governance System in Tesco PLC Company is segregated into two different groups. They are: Board and Executive Committee. Figure 2 shows the structure of Corporate Governance System in Tesco PLC Company.

Figure 2 structure of
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