Corporate Governance : Walmart Inc.

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Abstract In this past year, over seven corporations have faced bankruptcy or have been sold to another corporation. The reason varies to how each corporation failed to continue standing and competing with the rest. One corporation that has been standing since it was established is Walmart Inc. The main reason this great company is still standing is not only because it is in the top spot when it comes to retail and consumables, but because it is also at the top when it comes to non-consumables and having one of the best corporate governance there is in today’s business. The corporate governance is a superior tool for any business to place into effect, thus allowing its board of directors the ability to use the necessary avenues to make the business a success. Corporate Governance The corporate governance can be referred to as a set of standard operation procedures or set of guidelines that control and directs how the company performs all its regulatory practice and procedures. (Brusseau, 2012) The guidelines are then reviewed and approved by the board of directors. The corporate governance standards primarily involve looking out for things like the interest of stakeholders, to include laying out the rights and responsibilities of all the stakeholders within that company. (Brusseau, 2012) The stakeholders can be anyone with interest in the business such as shareholders, governments, communities, customers, suppliers, financiers, and or managers.

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