Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Shareholders in this company are crucial as they are the success and core of this company. Keeping the shareholders of this company happy will result in tremendous outcomes.
Shareholders will elect the Board of Directors which in turn, Board of Directors will hire the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO has the authority and responsibility of hiring and managing the Executives such as the VP, the Chief Financial Officer and other crucial positions. Of course a company is not a company without workers, these workers will be managed & hired by the Executives. Objectives of each position is simple, strive to make this company go above and beyond of what is expected. Shareholders objective is to allow this company to keep thriving, with the use of their investments, this company needs to ensure that we are making the utmost effort to give our consumers what they want.
Each member in this company is expected to display a few a principles. All actions within this company are to be of ethical standards and in no way should break the legal bind. All objectives within the company are to be balanced for all stake holders. Every position has its own respective job description, and in order to maintain that, constant revision of this principle is to be iterated. Maintaining “good” corporate governance will need to contain certain factors; effective risk-management, balance between economic and…

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