Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility

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Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility
Corporate governance and ethical responsibility are two major business aspects that have received sharp focus in the recent past mainly because of the recent corporate malpractices, accounting frauds, and corporate failures. These factors have become a major point of focus by various stakeholders including the public, the government, and legal aspects. This article provides a detailed analysis of each of the two business aspects and their significance in modern business practices. The article also discusses the co-relation between the two where the strong link between corporate responsibility and ethical governance is shown.
Keywords: corporate, governance, ethics, business, company, stakeholders, managers, business executives, responsibility, and corporations. Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility: In the past two decades, corporate governance has attracted huge public interest because of its apparent significance for the economic health of businesses and the society. On the other hand, ethical responsibility is also an aspect that has attracted numerous concerns in the past few years. This has been fueled by the sad stories of corporate ethics and scandals that have happened in various organizations like Tyco International, Merrill Lynch, WorldCom, and Enron. Corporate governance and ethical responsibility have become important in today's business environment because of the numerous abuses of
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