Corporate Governance in Banking Sector of Bangladesh

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|Chapter 1: Background of the paper | 1.1 Introduction Globalization of financial markets and fears of financial instability have brought the issue of the corporate governance into forefront of the policy discussions. In an increasingly deregulated policy environment, the big corporate failures have raised the need for implementing competent corporate governance practices. The recent financial crises in different countries have verified how the lack of good governance practices in the financial institutions can lead to a crisis in the system leaving long-term consequences to the. Among the financial institutions, the corporate governance…show more content…
1.5 Respondent’s profile A wide range of respondents including the Chief Executive officer/ Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Vice-President, and officials from different senior management positions participated in the survey. The respondents were Managing Directors (7%), Deputy managing Directors (3%), and Senior Executive Vice -President (22%), Executive Vice-Presidents (25%), and Others (43%). Figure 1 presents the distribution of the respondents of this survey [pic] 1.6 Scope and Limitation of the study The study attempted to capture the current status of the corporate governance practices in the Banking sector of Bangladesh. The limited sample size and geographical concentration did not undermine statistical significance of the study; however, a survey with larger sample size might give a more accurate picture of revealed status. However, considering the critical nature of the information requested and the level of time and experience required from the respondents, only 28 questionnaires were completed. Time was also of the essence, as the survey was completed in a period of eight weeks, and some of the respondents requested for more time to complete the questionnaire. 1.7 Organization of the Report .The study report is organized into five chapters. Chapter 1 covers the introductory issues. Chapter 2 covers the definition and concept of Corporate Governance. Chapter 3
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