Corporate Housing Marketing Plan Essay

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I. Executive Summary There are not too many people who are fully aware of what corporate housing really is and what it consists of. Corporate Housing offers an alternative to hotels when the clients are planning on staying for a couple of weeks. Our goal is to make our company memorable for every client, we need to get to know our clients and truthfully address their needs accordingly. We will be reviewing the nature of corporate housing, how we plan on presenting the product, what locations and demographics are ideal for this, we will research our competitors, and finally create a marketing strategy which will consists of our: pricing, promotion, distribution, and our sales support. II. Business Overview What is Corporate…show more content…
Achivers have a big commitment to both their careers and their families so it is important for us to provide them and their family the utmost comfort. For Strivers we can offer them the more modern package and attempt in selling them any additional items as well as place them in a upscale luxury apartment homes, lofts or condominiums. Experiencers tend to spend a large part of their income on fashion, socializing and entertainment we need to offer them the luxurious vacation rentals. Makers tend to lean toward value instead of luxury this is why we can offer them the traditional package at a lower rate versus the Modern / Contemporary package which would be at a higher rate. Survivors tend to be more comfortable with the familiarity of the goods or services. Which is why we should be make the units as comfortable as possible. Consumer Behavior consists of what will Corporate Housing clients receive? What these clients receive is the convinence of a home like setting versus the tiny uncomftrable hotel rooms. They have the choice to dine in versus always having to dine out at a hotel with a fully equpped kitchen and they will receive weekly maid service. Another point would be why will these services be rendered? These services are offered to allow clients to stay a comftable and safe place. When will the services be rendered? The client who will be in
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