Corporate Identity, Corporate Branding And Corporate Reputations : Reconciliation And Integration

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Abratt, R., & Kleyn, N. (2012). Corporate identity, corporate branding and corporate reputations: Reconciliation and integration. European Journal of Marketing, 46(7/8), 1048-1063.
This article will be utilized to assist managers in aligning and optimizing brand and reputation, while academics will be able to use this framework for future empirical research. IT focuses on defining, reconciling and depicting corporate reputation among other constructs in a framework that assess the dimensions of corporate reputation and shows the inter-relatedness between corporate reputation and corporate identity as well as corporate brand. The authors of this article are Russell Abratt and Nicola Kleyn who between them have three degrees in differing
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All three authors of this article are either PhDs or PhD students. They have backgrounds in corporate social responsibility, human resource development, and economic development. All three have multiple articles published in international and well-recognized journals. Additionally, Ali has also presented his findings in various international research conferences. These qualifications make the authors eligible to report on their findings in regards to corporate reputation and employee engagement. This source will offer arguments for the benefits of corporate responsibility and will offer research in regards to its effect on productivity. This main critique with this source is its narrow span of inclusion. As this data set may encompass the banking sector, it is not tough to correlate these finding with other public business sectors. The finding s must be considered in regards to the inclusion criteria when analyzing the findings. This research will provide content in regards to corporate reputation and employee productivity. This will allow from a differing perspective then the outside stakeholders and general public. This research turns the equation around and assesses how a good reputation affects the behaviors of those within the organization.

Balleisen, E. J., Clarke, S., Karpoff, J. M., Macey, J., Harris, R., & Chapin, C. F. (2013). Corporate reputation roundtable. Business History Review,
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