Corporate Identity

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Working Paper Series British Airways and Balmer’s AC3ID Test of Corporate Brand Management Professor John M T Balmer Dr Helen Stuart Working Paper No 04/26 July 2004 The working papers are produced by the Bradford University School of Management and are to be circulated for discussion purposes only. Their contents should be considered to be preliminary. The papers are expected to be published in due course, in a revised form and should not be quoted without the author’s permission. W O R K I N G PA P E R S E R I E S BRITISH AIRWAYS AND BALMER’S AC3ID TEST OF CORPORATE BRAND MANAGEMENT Professor John M. T. Balmer Professor of Corporate Identity Bradford School of Management Emm Lane Bradford West Yorkshire BD9 4JL England U.K.…show more content…
It then became a more businessfocused, less British, less profitable company. More recently, the airline has re-affirmed its traditional British identity: this is part of its strategy which draws on the airline’s historical roots and is felt to be a strategy that will serve BA well during the present period of considerable volatility within the airline sector. These six eras will be the subject of our analysis using the AC3ID test, which is described in the next section. BALMER’S AC3ID TEST OF CORPORATE BRAND MANAGEMENT The AC3ID test represents the latest version of a model that has recently been adapted by Balmer 1. In this model six, crucially important, identity types have been identified. This version of the model introduces the corporate brand as a distinct identity type (the covenanted identity) and this represents a significant departure from the earlier version comprising five identity types 2, 3, 4.. The latest model is called the AC3ID Test of corporate brand management and which is represented in diagrammatic form in Exhibit One. He argues that all six identities are crucial. It is crucial in terms of the successful implementation of strategy. In addition, it is central to the effective management and maintenance of a positive reputation, and moreover for the maintenance of a corporate brand. EXHIBIT ONE – THE AC3ID TESTTM THE AC3ID TESTTM C3 EXHIBIT THREE C3
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