Corporate Identity

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Many people view the role of a public relations professional within an organization as one that involves “making the company look good” among other image enhancing functions. Whether they are called PR professionals, PR people, media relations folks, they are the ones typically called on to inform the public of updates or improvements, they are called to help change the perception of the public, help with rebranding efforts and in the event of negative press or other crises, public relations professionals are often called on to “fix things,” to wield that magic wand of words and press releases to make the bad stuff all go away in an effort to preserve or salvage a positive identity. Many would be surprised to learn that the role of a …show more content…
“Real corporate identity…is about behavior as much as appearance, and certainly about reality, as much as symbolism. Wherever behavior and appearance are linked, real corporate identity emerges.” There are said to be five identities of a company 1. The actual identity that encompasses the actual defining characteristics of the corporation, 2. Communicated identity – this involves the part of a company’s identity that is revealed using controllable corporate communication, 3. Conceived identity is the third type of identity and refers to the perceived corporate image held by relevant stakeholders, 4. Ideal identity – this is the best positioning of the organization in a given timeframe and finally is 5. The desired identity which is the corporate leaders’ vision for the organization. Having these different identities without proper alignment can create discord among these different areas and can weaken a company. At Emory University, I work as the Associate Director for Annual Giving with the office of the Emory Annual Fund. Our main constituents are students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, prospective students and alumni. Other publics include companies that we have special partnerships with, such as foundations and other sponsors like Coco Cola. I would say that overall our publics would agree that we are a successful institution. The level of scholarship is superior, student do very well and most leave the University to
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