Corporate Image And Sustainability : An Organization

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Corporate image and sustainability rest greatly on the manner in which they respond and manage allegations of legal, social and ethical misbehavior. The reputation of an organization is a primary feature of its ability to operate and function successfully in a global context. When accused of ethical impropriety, it is not uncommon for an organization to errect a stance of denial, excuses, and justifications. The typical reactions of corporate entities seek to “…defend their actions and image” (Eweje & Wu, 2010, p. 379). Unethical behavior and the irresponsible responses given by businesses operating in international settings generate a backlash of negative publicity, and public outcry from patrons, citizens, interest groups and…show more content…
Noca-Cola Case Study Noca-Cola, an international soft drink company based in the U.S. has strategically located manufacturing plants in many developing countries around the world. One such plant is located in Colombia. According to sources, the general population are satisfied with the increased number of local jobs and improvements to the county’s economic status. Conversely, the indigenous populations of Colombia recently initiated an informal claim purposing that Noca Cola’s Colombian based plant is situated on indigenous territory. In response, Noca Cola avows that the Colombian government granted permission to place the plant in indigenous territory, due to its potential benefit to the county’s economy. That being said, the Colombian government has a demonstrated record of ignoring the needs and rights of its indigenous groups, in exchange for royalties. Strategic Plan In light of the emerging conflict, Noca Cola offered jobs to the indigenous population. Still the relationship between the parties continues to be overwrought with dispute and relational strain. The Noca Cola dilemma highlights a scenario where having an awareness of social issues and laws does not represent a sufficient course of socially responsible action. “A corporation is not being socially responsible if
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