Corporate Initiatives

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Corporate Initiatives Introduction Boeing is one of the few American manufacturers experiencing a period of growth in the current economy. It has had historic success in landing contracts for existing aircraft models as well as new aircraft models to be developed. Despite its importance to the nation's economy, Boeing faces considerable regulatory risk due to its high degree of unionization as well as its extension across many diverse states. Describe the company and the major initiative(s) they have planned for the next 5 years. Boeing has opened up a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina. The plant is designed to manufacture the company's new 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This is Boeing's first experience with a major manufacturing facility for consumer aircraft outside of Washington State. South Carolina has given the company many incentives to develop operations in its own state. The move is thought to be heavily motivated by labor relations so the company's operations in South Carolina will be the subject of considerable scrutiny by many observers. Boeing's defense segment has also won a government contract to manufacture aircraft for military use. The Department of Defense has commissioned Boeing to manufacture a series of aircraft tankers. The deal is considered a significant victory for Boeing against its main competitor Airbus. Most of Boeing's defense operations are located in Southern California but there are also operations in Pennsylvania. Being part
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