Corporate Law Is Beneficial And Affects Society

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I believe that corporate law is beneficial and affects society in a positive way. Corporate law encourages the transition from companies to corporations, which in turn stimulates the economy. When the economy is going strong and well, society as a whole is doing better. There are more people with jobs which give more people the ability to buy more items. That has the potential to raise the overall mood of the public and in turn makes society better. To me, all the positive things that corporate law does outweigh all of the negative things it can do. History will show through the stock market that society is directly affected by stocks which in turn are affected by corporate law. Corporations and their stock benefit from corporate law, and not too many people truly understand that. As stated earlier, without corporate law, companies would not grow very fast. That means their stocks would not be gaining as much money as they currently do, and corporations would not have the money to pay for more employees, new buildings, or new lines of products. Without these jobs, there would be more and more people unemployed and as a result there would be less money being put back into the economy. That would further lower the costs of the stocks. Everything is connected and if one part of the circle suffers, it affects the whole circle. To make sure that the circle does not suffer or fall apart, all parts of the circle must contribute to make sure it does not fail. Without corporate

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